Published Work


Fairy Tale – Fish Story — Corrugated Sky Publishing, October 2020

When We Were One — Sci Phi Journal, October 2020

God is Greater — Short Edition, May 2020

Your Russian Blue is not Crazy — Short Edition, October 2019

Riding Through the Styx — Manawaker Studio, March 2019

From the Archives of Abdul Alhazred — Published in Eldritch Tales Volume 7, No. 4, Necronomicon Press, October 2018

Mirror, Mirror — Every Day Fiction, April 2018

Dragon’s Den — Every Day Fiction, July 2017.

Kids Only — Oddville Press, April 2017.


Are Marjane Satrapi’s Works Comics or Graphic Novels? — PopMatters, November 2020

Miyazaki’s Haunted Utopia: The Ghost of Modernity in Kiki’s Delivery Service — PopMatters, January 2017

Music, Drama, and How One Ring Cycle is Like Another — Leland Essay Contest, April 2014