Introducing BlueMorningStar and the blog post-games

So about two months ago I released the flagship video of BlueMorningStar, my new YouTube channel specializing in video essays. I’ve been a big fan of YouTube for a long while now, and the success of channels like Nerdwriter1, kaptainkristian, and Folding Ideas has convinced me that you can build a successful channel talking about some pretty heavy material without being completely asinine and reductionist about it. It’s been pretty fun (although working with Adobe is making me start to understand what my illustrator friend, Kevin, means when he talks about screaming “FUCK” at the top of his lungs while working on a project.) and I’ve been mostly satisfied with my videos and the reception they’ve gotten thus far. Mostly.

Despite YouTube’s evolution making it possible for even a boring, depressed academic like myself to gain a sizable audience, I’m finding there’s still some massive limitations in both the form of the video essay and the infrastructure of YouTube itself that has a massive influence on what I’m making. YouTube is a machine designed to convert everything that gets fed into it into content, and every decision I make during production feels like a negotiation with the medium. YouTube videos feel like they’re allergic to too much talking. When I wrote and recorded the script for my first video, it came out to about twelve minutes in total of just me speaking. During editing, I ended up cutting five minutes of that just because I felt like it was too dense for a video, it screwed up the flow.

I’ve decided to use my blog to start writing up post-game notes to my videos for anyone who’s interested enough in the material to get those five minutes back. These will mostly just be a collection of ideas that got cut during production as well as some personal reflections I had while working on the video itself. It’ll be a good excuse for me to show a little love to this blog, and hopefully they’ll be of use to someone.

I’ll try to write up the post-game for my first video tomorrow.


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